'LA PADANA IBERICA' is a company with years of experience in the manufacture of screw and piston compressors. We manufacture quality compressors, and our national and international clients support this, they are satisfied with our air compressors.

As a manufacturer of compressors we have adapted our facilities with advanced technologies to can offer a product fully identified as a QUALITY PRODUCT.

'La Padana Iberica' has a network of national and international distributors to offer a near and quality service. Always willing to answer any questions on our air compressors, we help you choose the compressor that best suits your needs, we help you install the compressor and its put into operations.

'La Padana Iberica' offers compressors of screw and piston in this professional store and products treatments of compressed air at a price directly from factory. Select the screw compressor or piston that best suits your needs or seek advice from our experts, the compressor will be installed at the site to tell us, whatever province where you want to serve the compressor the price will always be the agreed in the web. The compressor will be installed by the dealer closer to your place of choice with the guarantee of a professional and economical technical service.

In our store online and our offices of Chiva (Valencia), we present the products which also you can find in our stores and warehouses.